Why Choose Us?

  • Easy to Set Up, Easy to Maintain – We provide one-on-one assistance with all aspects of your 401 (k) and work to reduce administrative tasks whenever possible.
  • Low Advisor Fees, Low Expenses – We are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible and to providing transparency regarding our fees.  Portfolios are evaluated for expected performance and fees, and regular audits are performed on all accounts to identify areas of possible savings.
  • Professionally-Managed Investment Allocation Models (Portfolios) – Portfolios are managed by an independent registered investment advisor. Unlike other platforms, 401k Generation allows for customizable investment options that can be tailored to the needs of your company. These independent investment options with customized investment platforms permit access to all of the investment industry’s mutual fund families – an unprecedented breakthrough that gives participants a powerful instrument to help secure their financial future.
  • Quarterly Review of Investments – We screen available investments each quarter and proactively make changes when prudent. Reviews look at past performance, expenses, fund management, holdings, financial outlook, etc.
  • Ongoing Communication and Education – Easily understandable, up-to-date information will be provided at enrollment meetings, via regular communications, and upon request.
  • Strategic Alliances & Partnerships – By creating strategic partnerships and alliances with other leading firms, we are able to provide assist clients with numerous aspects of their financial situations, including:
    • Investment management
    • Estate planning and trust services
    • Business advisory services
    • Charitable planning
    • Tax planning
    • Asset protection
    • Insurance
    • Marketing

Our partnerships and alliances combine the products, services and talents of leaders in their respective industries with the retirement planning services of 401k Generation.