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Shaping Financial Futures

Shaping Financial Futures

At 401k Generation, we are more than just a financial services firm. We are dedicated educators, guides, and assistants, committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals for a brighter tomorrow.

Our MissionEducate, Guide, Assist

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Our mission at 401k Generation is clear: 'To educate, guide, and assist our clients with achieving their financial goals today for a better tomorrow.' We embody this statement in every service we offer, helping our clients become well-informed and adequately supported throughout their financial journey.

Tailored Retirement Solutions

Tailored Retirement Solutions

Backed by years of experience, 401k Generation specializes in 401(k) administration, financial advising, and investment management. Our focus is on providing tailored, strategic solutions that cater to the unique needs and goals of each client.

LeadersMeet 401k Generation

Discover the driving force behind 401k Generation. Our leadership team, with their extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, is dedicated to guiding our clients towards achieving their financial aspirations. Get to know the professionals who are at the forefront of redefining retirement planning and financial advising.

Eddie Rojas

Chief Executive Officer

Brenda Kincaid

Chief Operating Officer

Marlene Nitsch

Chief Compliance Officer

Candice Bauman

Director of 3(16) Services

Chris Austin

Director of Business Operations

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Choose 401k GenerationYour Partner for Today and Tomorrow

Choose 401k Generation for our industry knowledge, commitment to client success, and innovative financial strategies. We align our services with your financial aspirations at each step of your financial journey.

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Let 401k Generation help you achieve your financial goals for a brighter tomorrow.

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